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Gotcha – greedy mortgage bank!

March 19, 2011

Another greedy mortgage company?  Oh yeah – Morgan Stanley – a big bank/mortgage company that screwed over military families – foreclosing on service members while they are deployed even!  That was illegal, even back when they were doing it to Sgt. James Hurley of the Michigan National Guard in 2005.  He was in Iraq at the time, when a Morgan Stanley mortgage subsidiary foreclosed and sold his house to someone else.  Now the Department of Justice is investigating them.  According to this story in the NY Times, this all came to light when Col.(ret) Odom, who is an attorney representing Sgt. Hurley and his family in their lawsuit against Saxon Mortgage Services, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, subpoenaed the attorney for the mortgage company, for all the documents that the DOJ has received.  Thank you, Colonel!

One sentence in this story infuriates me… the tone is so condescending and snarky –

”Mr. Lake of Morgan Stanley said: “We are very pleased to have settled this matter with Sergeant Hurley. As we have said previously, Saxon is always willing to make reasonable accommodations to amicably resolve a matter, especially for our service men and women.”

Accommodation?  accommodation??? How about this – you obey the LAW, the law as written, not what you wanted it to be.  You aren’t “accommodating” the family, you are fixing what you screwed up, you are fixing your illegal actions.

Morgan Stanley and the rest of you greedy  corporations, who took all that tax payer money – stop screwing over the military families, the service members and the veterans.  Take those yellow ribbons and all your flag waving energy and use that to really support the troops and their families.


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