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When Milspouses Attack

April 9, 2015

(x-posted from Just Another Snarky Navy Wife) (no apologies for the language)

Once upon a time, an author at SpouseBuzz wrote a tongue-in-cheek article, one of those kitschy and lighthearted “X reasons why” posts comparing the milkid experience to the First Kid experience.

And lo, the screechers lost their shit.

How dare you compare the White House to base housing?

How dare you compare PCS to the Obama kids’ jetsetting?

How dare you compare my precious, speshul snowflakes to the kids of a man I hate because he’s black and/or Democrat, though I will claim it’s because he hates the military despite his downright charitable policies–compared to those of his predecessor–toward military families.

It says a lot when you know for a fact that, had the author compared milsprogs to Jenna and Barbara Bush, the response would have been cooing and “aw, cute article, though y’know, not really comparable.”

But no. Once again, divisiveness and coddletwattery. Why?


This kind of response is why we can’t have nice things. When combined with the professional bullies of the mil-community (those who sling the word “dependa” like a white Mississippi nonagenarian slings the n-word), we see why there’s a military-civilian divide.

How can we narrow that divide when we intentionally, purposefully, willfully create a divide within our own ranks? And when the civilian community sees this kind of Speshul Snowflake screeching and How Dare Thees and Thou Shalt Bow Before My Incomparable Martyrdoms, what impression do they come away with?

Wow, those military people sure are a bunch of self-important and entitled cockbags.

And you know what? I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them for clinging to their side of the divide between us. Who’d want to lean over and lend a hand when chances are pretty awesome they’ll pull back a nub? Who’d want to stop, listen, and understand when the decibel and pitch emanating from the screechers is all but a guarantee of going deaf? Who’d want to give a single fuck for a group that clearly has enough of everything they need that this is what they focus on? This bullshit. This political divisiveness. This enduring willful ignorance.

You screechers…I’m sickened by your behavior. And I’m sad for this community. My family only has a handful of years left (less if YodaMan is passed over this year), and I will not look back when I go. You are the reason this community can’t have nice things, and judging by the proliferation of your vitriol and toxic hatred in online communities, you’re taking over.

You can have it. When all you’ve got is a wasteland and nary a civilian willing to give you the time of day, maybe you’ll reconsider your juvenility, hostility, and inability to take a break from the Very Serious Matter of Being Married to the Military. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, you’ll have what you deserve. Enjoy the wasteland.

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