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Happy Mother’s Day

May 13, 2012

To the mothers who had breakfast in bed, the runny scribbled eggs and burnt toast; the mothers who are hoping for that down range phone call or skype call from a dirty dusty place; the mothers hoping for an email from underway. And to the mothers who visit a stone at Section 60 or the little graveyard in the Red River Valley near Sauk Centre – we send our love.


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  1. May 27, 2012 9:11 pm

    And then, 10 days after Mother’s Day, this article, describing one mother’s exhaustion while caring for her wounded warrior, and the failure of the VA to make good on its promise to care for the Caregivers (and the failure of this nation to care very much at all) :

    But as Kevin has progressed, Ms. Kammerdiener, 45, has regressed, neglecting her own physical and emotional health because of the demands of caring for someone so in need of assistance, a not-uncommon occurrence for caregivers.

    “I am completely run down. The doctor told me that if I don’t make a change I won’t live to 50. But how can I make a change?”
    “It’s never ending — all of the appointments, keeping track of the medications and feeding him and doing all of the laundry and keeping his room clean and driving him here and there.
    “I have to keep him entertained because he is well enough to know his life stinks, and I have to keep him happy so he doesn’t get more depressed or suicidal.”
    But now, she is worried about herself if something isn’t done to help her financially and emotionally — the type of aid that the new law was designed to provide.
    “I’m so scared for myself; I’ve never felt this way,” she said. “There is no Leslie anymore.”

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