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Happy New Year

December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Watching the clock tick down to 2012 in Kabul – sending a Happy New Year shout out to my deployed husband, and remembering how many New Year Eves we’ve spent in different time zones, different continents. Now I’m not saying that we do a lot of celebrating when he’s home on NYE… we stay home, watch movies, wait up for midnight and hope for a better year. This is one of those “holidays” that we don’t really observe – not exactly a Hallmark Holiday – but one of the determinedly “we must have a good time/have a party” holidays.

This year – he’s in an MWR building in Afghanistan with other NATO troops, saying it in multiple languages, without champagne or even a decent beer; I’m in my chair with the cats and my knitting and a cup of tea.

To our friends – the ones who are with their spouse and family; the ones like me skyping their New Year wishes; who are sending their thoughts to a ship at sea, or a dusty base; the ones in Europe watching Paris or Prague in lights or cuddled up with their soldier in Graf or Frankfurt – we wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful 2012. Thank you for reading and commenting and joining us on Left Face. Thank you for listening to us; yelling at us; telling us we are absolutely full of it, or that you think we got it. Thank you for your friendship.

Happy New Year!

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