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Next Year

December 24, 2011

Like so many of you, I’m spending my holiday without my husband around. We’ll Skype tomorrow (if the bandwidth allows voice, it never allows video) or have a quick phone call before he heads to the DFAS with the rest of the team, who will make a determined effort to be happy and bright… I’ll open gifts he sent (his are waiting for his R&R) , he’ll open the gag gift I sent. And the refrain will be, as it has been for so many holidays and special occasions – next year.

For many families, there was an unexpected gift of their service member home for the holidays, although for some it has been tempered with the knowledge that shortening one deployment may mean another in a short while. Some in our community are celebrating survival of their loved one, albeit changed for ever.  Friends are dreading an imminent deployment cruise;   for some there is a PCS looming.  But, that’s next year

The stereotypical “Norman Rockwell” style holiday, whether you celebrated the Solstice a few days ago; whether you are lighting the menorah candles; or putting that last ornament on the tree and hoping the lights all work; isn’t usually in our military family lexicon. If they aren’t deployed, they could have staff duty officer that day; or be a single soldier sitting in the barracks missing the family gathering. But we make our holidays when we can, after all, we are a “resilient” bunch [groan]. Some families put up a tree in November and opened presents before Dad or Mom went downrange, or headed out on a cruise; for some like me, the presents will remain wrapped waiting for R&R – next year.

However you are spending your holiday and whichever one you are celebrating this week, Left Face wishes everyone a peaceful one; finding our joy where we can. And remember, “next year”…


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  1. December 27, 2011 4:27 pm

    Hope you get your webcam time with Hubby. Might I suggest you try Google Chat. It’s integrated into G-mail. It is the best one we have found for low bandwidth, by far! Skype is probably the worst. Good luck. 🙂

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