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Pearl Harbor – a Day that changed the World

December 7, 2011

That day, the one that changed our country, and changed the world, is now 70 years in the past.  But if you ask a veteran, it’s yesterday.  Those men and women who stepped up,  they remember.  They remember their friends, the ones who didn’t come home; they remember the horrors of the Bataan Death March or Guadalcanal; the bone chilling cold of the convoys across the Atlantic or the brain frying heat in the Coral Sea; the mud of Normandy or the pelting rain of the road to Rome, the sand of Tobruk or the lava sand of Iwo Jima.  They remember.

The family members who remained at home, who struggled to maintain a “Normal” life, with Meatless Monday or Wheatless Wednesday, who took part in paper drives, who willingly sacrificed because they were told that everyone was – they remember the dread of seeing the boy on the bike with the telegrams, holding their breath that they wouldn’t come to their house.

Today we remember the Greatest Generation of the 20th Century –  men like my dad who served in the Atlantic and the Pacific on USCG Spencer; my uncle who was wounded while serving in the Army under McArthur; my uncle who became a gunner in the Army Air Corps; and my grandmother who waited to hear from her sons, who put a three blue star flag in her window.  I remember and honor my WW2 vets.

Do you have a WW2 vet in your family?  were you brought up with stories about their ship, their company, their plane?  We’d love to hear about them.  If you would like to honor them with a post here, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. December 8, 2011 1:34 am

    My Grandpa was in WWII. He was in college, almost done with his undergraduate degree if I remember right, before being drafted. My Grandparents went to live in Laramie, WY, for part of his training and one really great memory I have is my Grandma coming to visit me in college when I went to UW. We drove around town and she showed us where she lived and told stories of what her life was like. She was basically a newlywed with a baby, in a new town. I was glad to have her visit because she rarely traveled as she got older and so going six hours away was a huge deal to me. It’s funny when we think of our Grandparents having this whole life before our parents were born, and certainly before we were born. I didn’t see many pictures of my Grandpa in the military but have one with he and a buddy having a beer, I had to ask who it was because I remember my Grandpa a certain way, but of course he was young once too!

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