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Blue Star Families -selected by the White House as a Champion of Change

August 24, 2011

Washington, D.C. — Blue Star Families has been selected by the White House to be highlighted as a ‘Champion of Change,’ part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative. The administration cited Blue Star Families’ work and passion in the area of suicide prevention as an outstanding example of President Obama’s vision to “out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world”.

Blue Star Families will be recognized at an event on Thursday, August 25, 2011, hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement. At the event, agency representatives and White House Policy Offices will engage with BSF and other Champions of Change to discuss amplifying best practices in both the private and public sectors.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the White House,” said Mark Smith, executive director of Blue Star Families, Inc. “The suicide rate among our soldiers and their families is at a record high. We hope this public service campaign will help military families realize they have somewhere to turn for confidential help.”

Suicide prevention campaignThe Suicide Prevention campaign began when Blue Star Families member and military spouse Alison Buckholtz wrote an opinion piece for the LA Times asking “Where is the ‘It Gets Better’ suicide awareness campaign for our military?” In response, Blue Star Families created a series of public service announcements aimed at military families and veterans The spots were produced by The Creative Coalition in partnership with Blue Star Families, with support from the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and Health Net, Inc. The PSAs are airing on network and cable television stations, radio, movie theater screens, and even taxi cabs. To view the entire PSA series, visit

White House Champions of Change Program

Across the country, ordinary Americans are doing extraordinary things to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world. The Champions of Change program is a weekly initiative to highlight Americans who are making an impact in their communities and helping our country rise to meet the many challenges of the 21st century. For more information, visit

About Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families is a national nonprofit network of military families from all ranks and services, including guard and reserve, with a mission to support, connect and empower military families. In addition to morale and empowerment programs, Blue Star Families raises awareness of the challenges and strengths of military family life and works to make military life more sustainable. Membership includes military spouses, children and parents as well as service members, veterans and civilians. To learn more about Blue Star Families, visit

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