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Budget battles – here we go again!

July 27, 2011

Didn’t we just go through this a few months ago? Why, yes, yes we did. This – the budget. Is there going to be a payday for the military? Are Veterans going to receive their benefits, are the widows of those who gave their lives going to be worrying about their benefits?

USAA is stepping up, as always – they have plans in place just in case the politicians in DC don’t pull their heads out of their 4th POC. Here’s the USAA plan site – and some good planning suggestions.

When you call your congresscritter to vent and to tell them to get their heads outa their butts, tell them to think of those who are deployed, tell them to think about the families; tell them to think about the survivors who are trying to cope with the death of a servicemember and now have to worry if they will be able to pay their bills. Tell them to think about the veterans who have had to go through the wringer dealing with the VA to initially get their benefits – and who now have to worry about what will happen if those benefits don’t arrive. The students who will have to hope their school won’t drop them if their benefits aren’t paid; who will have to hope they can make the rent this month.

Personally, I’m so pissed off I can barely write. I’m still trying to figure out how pulling back the tax cuts given to the top 2% is going to ruin the country. If I hear “they are the job creators” one more time, I’m going to pop a bolt. If you can prove to me that you created jobs, fine, you get a tax break. But if you are creating jobs in Delhi, Bombay or Manila, getting tax breaks for that is wrong! If you inherited your wealth from daddy or great grandpa and the trust fund, you don’t get a damned tax break on the backs of servicemembers or veterans! If you made your billions on Wall Street and aren’t creating jobs for anyone except maybe the chauffeur – you don’t get a damned tax break. If you are the hard working CEO of a company that is hiring workers in Iowa or Idaho or Arkansas – you get that tax break and whatever else we can do for you.

As for the debt ceiling – the damned thing has been raised as a matter of course for decades.  Under the last administration – 7 times.  SEVEN – without a lot of screaming; SEVEN – after all, we ARE in the midst of two wars.. begun under that administration.  What’s the problem this time?  I think you and I know exactly why.

There are bills that were introduced the last time the House and Senate decided to play games with our lives. There is a petition on to demand that Congress do their job. IAVA is on the Hill right now, talking about how this is going to affect veterans.  Back them up with phone calls too.  This HAS to stop.


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