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Are you kidding me? This is BULL&**^

July 19, 2011

I swear, there are days when screaming is the only thing you can do.  This is a year of frustration -the whole thing of the craziness of assignments being changed hourly, the hold a week before he was due to leave, the orders/no orders/rescinded orders and then the questions about “why didn’t you get your flight booked and ticket?  Well.. yeah, you aren’t supposed to do that without orders.. but you should have anyway.

Let’s not discuss the fact that we paid for the flight and have yet to be reimbursed – they are “busy” and can’t get to that….

As for this training TDY ( 3 months long)  – the BS has been monumental!  I’ve been trying to contact  the “support” person for the unit and what have the results been?  CRICKETS! I got one phone call  from Rear Det to make sure they had the right phone number and email. There has been one mass email – and one envelope with a “newsletter” composed of pictures of past training classes, and copy/paste information from ACS and the Red Cross.  I’ve emailed the person I was supposed to get support from, offering to help, telling her I’m willing able and ready to do anything she needs.  response?  CRICKETS!  not a single solitary word!

The very next person who tells me that there is a sad lack of participation in FRGs – or how no one will come forward to help the FRSA – I will not be responsible for my response.  During the last deployment, the only contact I had with my FRG even when I asked her to give me a task, asked to be a point of contact, was getting a mass email about fundraising!  I was told over and over by so many people that this was an aberration,  that it was just this one FRG leader… this one FRSA.  BULLSHIT!

He is a few days away from completing this training.  We have no idea whether he is going to get leave, a pass, or fly out that day.  Would it be too hard to let us know?  really?  We could have booked flights, we could have prepared.

There hasn’t been a briefing, there hasn’t been any support whatsoever.  At least I haven’t had to listen to the sanctimonious bullshit  “we are there to support your family”;  “we know that your family’s welfare is important”;  “don’t worry about your family, we’ve got this, you go do your job”.  Because that is EXACTLY what it is… BULLSHIT.


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  1. July 19, 2011 3:14 pm

    I have been married to a soldier for 4 years and I still do not understand why things like this happen. I recently had a situation with our apartment and we reached out to our FRG and Command regarding questionable living conditions (leaks and cockroaches) and everyone told us to drive on and stay in our apartment till the lease was up. I will never have anything to do with this FRG ever again.

    My situation is nothing compared to yours. They always say if you need help, all you need to do is ask. But when you do ask, no one is there. These are all preventable problems. Sometimes I think that a McDonalds Shift Manager might be better at managing military units.

    Sending good thoughts.

  2. July 21, 2011 9:03 am

    Seems to be a lot of that going around. It took my husband asking some pointed questions and it coming to light that someone dropped the ball and we FINALLY got orders 40 days before current ones expire. We gave a copy to housing, no biggie. We tried to renew my ID card – bahahahahahaha. We were told we have ot wait for the current orders, and thusly my ID card to expire, before I can get a new one. I was told, don’t worry, I can still get on post with my driver’s license. Never mind that the kids and I all have monthly medications that we NEED, and that I CANNOT get without a valid ID card. My husband works fairly regular hours, not the banker’s house the clinic is open, so he can’t exactly go pick our stuff up for us. The Army preaches being proactive, and then when you try they laugh in your face. You’d think after 11 years of this BS I’d be used to it, but no, I still get pissed every time.

  3. July 28, 2011 8:19 pm

    Our FRG was pretty ineffectual when it was going on. The main focus was parties for the kids, which is of no help or interest to those of us with no kids. They were disbanded some months ago, apparently due to some drama, people not getting along etc.

    Now, our ombudsman seems to have dropped the ball. About a week ago we started hearing that our ship’s return might be pushed back, through the grapevine. I’ve heard so many different things from different people. Just the other day my husband said in an email that the schedule change had been made (but for opsec, of course couldn’t tell me the details). No one has heard a peep from the ombudsman; a friend of mine emailed him early yesterday, but to no avail.

    This is mine and my husband’s first duty station, so it’s giving me an interesting take on the kind of “support” we should expect at other duty stations (especially since we’re overseas in a non English speaking country, where one would think there would be the most support availble).

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