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Employment – programs, fairs, and royalty!

July 12, 2011

A new program, the Military Spouse Employment Partnership has been established by DoD and over 60 employers have signed up. Another group of 14 signed up  on June 29, at a kickoff event hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s the link to the website – and a little more information.

There are job fairs from, Hiring Heroes, DoD, and Mission Serve/Service Nation, Joining Forces  and a ton of online/virtual job fairs.

But the biggie – the one that is calling all kinds of attention to the whole veterans/milspouse unemployment?  The one held this past Sunday, you may have seen something about it –  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there!  Our friends at Blue Star Families met the royal couple, they packed care packages for kids, they cared.

Their Royal Highnesses must have been tired, they’d been “on” for 10 days, the went from huge events for Canada Day, to a visit to a burned out town, to the Calgary Stampede and the BAFTA event in LA.  But I was impressed by what the Duke said.

“This is the last event on our tour of North America, but to my mind, it is one of the most important,” said Prince William. “This is because it is about men and women who — of their own freewill — choose to put their life on the line for their country.”

“MissionServe is about something more than men and women in uniform,” he told the crowd. “It’s about our other halves — the half that makes their loved one’s duty and sacrifices possible and worthwhile. It is about you: the families, partners and friends. The idea behind Service Nation and Mission Serve is simple but truly inspiration: to help those returning from active service to open a new chapter in their lives.”

His dig at his brother also was the announcement that the Prince William and Harry Foundation  partnered with MissionServe, Blue Star Families and the Chamber of Commerce for that event.

I am delighted, therefore, that our Foundation – and in that I include my low-flying Apache very average brother – is a partner in today’s event.

Catherine and I both have friends back in Britain who could benefit from a brilliant initiative like this.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recreate something like this for veterans and military spouses in the UK?  Wouldn’t it be great if the Foundation continued their good work with the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) in the UK and had job fairs like this?


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  1. July 14, 2011 12:27 am

    Love this, and that more companies are hiring mil.spouses. Would love it even more if it meant something for Guard/Reserve spouses. Given that the Guard has been functionally operationlized, isn’t it waaaaayyyy past time that the same was done for Guard spouse/family support? If the outgoing SecDef can acknowledge the “bait-and switch ” on Guard troops, and Guard commaners are saying that Guard families “got drafted,” shouldn’t, for the love of God, there be changes in programs, policies, and approaches post-haste? I am deeply saddened disappointed and yet resigned to accepting that parity for Guard spouses – particularly those living west of the Mississippi – is probably not going to happen in my lifetime. God bless America.

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