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Blue Star Families and a challenge

June 28, 2011


Falls Church, Va. — Blue Star Families announced today that it will participate in a month long awareness effort with Craig Newmark, founder of craigconnects and craigslist. Newmark kicked off the month-long craigsconnects campaign today, which will highlight and support non-profit and government organizations that successfully work with veterans and military families. During the campaign, Blue Star Families will be working to raise funds and involvement for its military family suicide prevention and wellness campaign. (

The campaign is part of Craig Newmark’s craigconnects initiative launched in March, and includes a $100,000 grant challenge for four highly respected non-profit veterans’ organizations, as well as extensive social media outreach by Newmark and the organizations involved. Blue Star Families and the other involved organizations will challenge their members and supporters to donate during the three day campaign. The amount of each grant will be determined by the number of donations received for each organization – rather than the amount – on the craigconnects online fundraising page during the three day campaign. Newmark’s goal is to build involvement for military families and veterans, not just raise money.

To donate and find out more information about the Blue Star Families military family suicide prevention and wellness campaign, visit

What: craigconnects Campaign to Support Military Families

When: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 to Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where: Blue Star Families online fundraising page

( or

About Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families is a national nonprofit organization of military families from all ranks and services, including guard and reserves. The Blue Star Families mission is to support, connect and empower military families. In addition to morale and empowerment programs, Blue Star Families raises awareness of the challenges and strengths of military family life and works to make military life more sustainable. Membership includes military spouses, children and parents as well as service members, veterans and civilians. For more information about Blue Star Families, visit

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