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Keeping Busy

May 21, 2011

During deployments, we all try to keep busy – right? Since I’m no longer working 9-5 and commuting to a job downtown, I’m trying to keep myself busy (and keep myself out of the pantry or the icecream!) In past deployments, I’ve blogged, gardened, read huge books (thank you Diana Gabaldon) crocheted, and watched way way waaaay too much TV. I need to include one caveat here – I have no small children or teenagers at home. I’m an “empty nester” – my granddaughter lives half a continent away so I don’t have small folk to shepherd/wrangle or taxi drive for or be completely responsible for.

For this deployment – I may actually have too much to keep me busy! Let’s see, trying to build a new business, knitting [more about a new project soon], writing, blogging, volunteering at ACS and at the local kitty shelter, school… and now my newest interest – spinning!

Yesterday a friend and I took a fantastic road trip to Pennsylvania, and in a mecca for those of us who are of the yarn persuasion called Mannings, I found her.

So far, I think her name is Ethel (after the lovely lady at Mannings ) and I’m slowly learning about her. With the help of some really fantastic videos on YouTube, I’m slowly but surely learning how to spin.

I’m wondering – am I going to spread myself and my time too thin? I know that if I don’t keep busy, I end up thinking… and not constructively. I tend to “wind myself around the axle” and brood if I don’t have a lot to do. Now I’m told with spinning, I’m going to be able to get myself into a soothing space, the physical repetition of the treadling will help me get my scattered thoughts together. For this deployment, I think I’m going to need that peace and tranquility. I’m a firm believer in the “cumulative” effect; that each deployment is different but that the strain of each one accumulates and piles on the last.

How about you? What do you do to keep busy; do you finish those projects you have left undone or start a whole raft of new ones; do you read those “must read” books or are you twice as busy taking care of little people or spending your days driving school age kids from this to that to the other?

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  1. May 21, 2011 10:36 pm

    I exercise. Incessantly. I have a full membership to a martial arts gym so I have three or four different styles to pick from each night and on weekends. Plus, it wears me out so I can sleep! Sundays though, there aren’t any classes so I kind of veg out, but I think that’s warranted.

    Have fun with your spinning. That sounds pretty cool. And you can make your own yarn to knit with! Neat!

  2. May 23, 2011 5:47 am

    My thing has always been DIY projects. Since the very first time he even went TDY, I tackle some sort of household project. It just so happened that when my husband was deployed, we had just relocated, so I made our new house a home. I also have kids to keep me busy during the daylight hours, but during those night time hours when I’d be spending time with my husband is when I tackle a household project that’s not easily done while children are underfoot.

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