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Battalion Buddies for military kids!

May 10, 2011

The great folks at Operation Gratitude are continuing their good work, with bears. Bears? yup – Bears. Stuffed bears and other stuffed toys are  being sent to the children of a unit headed for deployment. The FRGs and other Battalion leadership can ask Operation Gratitude for “new buddies” for the children of the unit.   In the rush of packing and predeployment check lists, appointments etc, kids can feel stressed and left out. The bears will help them realize that there are others who understand, who support them as they go through a hard time in their young lives. A bear to hug may seem like a small thing but it can make a child feel less alone.

Here’s a link to the Operation Gratitude site for more information.  Oh – by the way – how are the hats and scarves coming along? Here’s the link for the knitters/crocheters out there!  If you need to make room in your yarn stash – consider donating left over yarn – that Operation Gratitude will then send to knitters who can keep making hats and scarves.


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