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What GW really said

May 2, 2011

For all those who are thanking President George W Bush for yesterday’s action – done two years after President Bush left office- and who are trying to marginalize what President Obama’s administration under his direct command did… remember this?


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  1. May 3, 2011 1:30 am

    Yeah. I heard this crap on FB today too. When I pointed out the absurdity of it, the teabagger had the NERVE to suggest that I am trying to undermine the sacrifices of our military families…me. I had a fit. All I could think was are you freaking kidding me? Followed by me telling him that I didn’t see him or anyone in his family toting a rifle, so maybe he should sign up or shut up. I am freaking over it. These people are complete nutbags. They attack Obama for not doing enough. He does something and then they suggest he sat on his thumbs. He’s the Commander in Chief, people! In the words of GW, He’s “the decider!”………..Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Feel free to chortle.

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