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Pay Problems – here we go again

April 7, 2011

They are doing this to us again. This – is the threat to military pay cheques. They – the entire Congress! The ridiculous sight of TeaPartiers screeching with their standard bearer – Ms. Bachmann of the shaky history knowledge – ‘SHUT IT DOWN’ on the steps of the Capitol with no thought to those that a shut down would affect;  and the refusal of anyone of either party to shut up, knuckle down and do their JOB – is adding up to stress and anger for us. Us, the military families who have a whole lot more stress than anyone really needs right now, who are staring down deployments, or heading into the deployment tunnel; or staring at the chequebook and trying to balance/juggle/figure out who will be understanding if a payment is late!

The stress and anger is spilling out, and thanks to Facebook and blogs and all the other social media, it’s LOUD this time.  The last time this happened – there wasn’t a way for us to get our information, other than the post paper, or TV news – and no way for us to let everyone know how we felt.  NOW, there is.  We can scream, yell, holler and flail away.  and I guess that’s healthy – letting it out.  Unfortunately, too much incorrect information is also getting out and spreading around Facebook like wildfire.

I found a very good article – full of some actual information, not rumour, or conjecture.  FACTS from a former JAG officer and retired milspouse on paychecks-chronicle.  One point Janet Pearson makes – let your creditors know that you will pay them when you are paid, don’t just let a payment fall by the wayside!  Do it in writing, by mail or email.  You want to have a record of it.  If you are with USAA, you have an advantage!  They get military!

We’ll get through this, we always have.  Deep breath.


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  1. Heathen In Hiding permalink
    April 7, 2011 6:58 am

    I could not be more disgusted. I only take comfort in the fact that this may signal the death knell for the Tea-liban.

  2. April 7, 2011 9:21 am

    I spent a little time this morning on the phone with my Congressman and Senators about this issue. My Congressman and one of my two Senators have already signed on to the bill that would protect military pay. I had a pretty intense chat with the staffer of the Senator who had not, telling him that I was concerned that this would affect our deployed servicemembers ability to keep their head in the game as it were if they were worrying about their families not having a roof over their head or food on their table. Moreover, many young enlisted families living essentially below the poverty line, and so there is no back stop for them.
    In some respects my family is lucky. We looked everything over and while the next couple of weeks would be tight, we’ll make it. Not everyone is as fortunate as us.
    It isn’t over until the fat lady sings, so I would encourage everyone to keep flooding Congress with calls and emails on this issue through the weekend and even if the government does in fact shutdown. I think the wise members of Congress realize that not protecting military pay, given the public outcry, could be political suicide. We need to reinforce that.

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