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Blue Star Families and LIFT!

March 30, 2011

Blue Star Families and LIFT – now there’s a good grouping! LIFT? what’s that?  Remember this post? Kristen Tsetsi – a woman with a big idea? Go read it again.  I’ll wait..

So – now LIFT has started another project to draw attention to Military Families, to persuade the editors of TIME Magazine to make Military Families the TIME Person of the Year for 2011.  The idea is to make links, those paper chain links that so many military families use to count down deployments.  Write on them, write whatever you want, and send them to the address on the link. The chain (hopefully a LONG chain) will be assembled and then… well, that’s a secret!  Actually, LIFT would also like to have ideas from everyone – where SHOULD that chain be wrapped/unfurled?  Ideas welcome!

Please, make some links, and send the idea to all your non military friends – because that’s the real idea here.  NOT to be a project FROM military families – but a project FOR military families.  As BSF reminds us – next week is the Week of the Military Family – here’s a good way to remind everyone in the civilian world that we are still here – still at war.

Grab the scissors, the markers – get the kids involved (Cub Scout Project?  School Project?)  Let’s make this chain HUGE!


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