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February 26, 2011

We just got a request from a PhD candidate, doing a survey on spouses of National Guard and Reservists:

We are doing research on spouses of Army National Guard and Reserve soldiers.

Please help us with our research by participating in our survey.

The purpose of this study is to understand what positive or negative changes may have occurred, if any, in your marital relationship since your Army National Guard or US Army Reserve spouse has returned from deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.  In addition, this study is interested in the degree to which you have been satisfied with support from family, friends, and military family support services.

With your help, this study could help improve support services and increase understanding of challenges faced by spouses of the Army National Guard and Reserve.

Your identity is not collected or required and all data is anonymous.

The study is set-up as an online survey and is being conducted at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  The principle investigator is Cynthia J’Anthony, MA who is a Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology Department at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  If you have any questions about the study, please feel free to contact her through email at .  CHS Protocol #18746.

To go to the survey click on this link: or you may copy the link and enter it directly onto your web browser.

Thank you for your consideration and support in our efforts.


Cynthia J’Anthony, MA
PhD. Candidate,
Psychology Department
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Honolulu, Hawaii

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