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Cinnabon —- ok, stop the drooling….

October 6, 2010

Yeah – smelling that wonderful yeasty cinnamon smell – and I swear I gain 5 lbs by taking a really deep breath!

Now, Cinnabon is doing something great for the troops, and for one of my absolute favourite troop supporters – Operation Gratitude.

“From October 1 through 31, Guests can support Operation Gratitude by making donations at participating Cinnabon bakeries. For every $1.00 they contribute, Guests will receive a $1.00 “Cinnabuck” valid on their next visit.”

So – when you go and get something yummy – you can do something worthwhile as well.  AND… for the upcoming eat until you burst holidays, they are also going to help out with the Holiday Care Packages!  Win/Win..

In November and December, Cinnabon will also team up with Operation Gratitude to include Kellogg’s® Cinnabon snack bars, Cinnabon Cream of Wheat™ from B&G Foods®, Cinnabon kettle roasted nuts from Mellace Family Brands® and Cinnabon candy canes from Spangler Candy®  in the Operation Gratitude Holiday Care Packages.

Meet you at Cinnabon!


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