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Friday Feature

December 17, 2009

At this time of year, while we run to the Post Office to send off those last packages, while we sit in front of the Christmas tree with our families, or watch our children light a candle on the Menorah, or sit in front of the computer IMing with our deployed servicemember, we need to remember that there are kids who aren’t going to be opening a package with their name on it. They don’t get that doll, or that box of legos, or that book…

And since 1947, The Marine Corps have dedicated themselves at this time of year to making sure those kids DO get that shiny new truck, that Baby doll, or the Barbie, or the box of blocks for the littlest one at home. There are drop off points in a lot of places, this link will take you to the site where you can search for the nearest drop off point. So when you are shopping for toys – pick up an extra, and put it in the box for the Marines to pick up and give to a child less fortunate.

From us here at Left Face – Happy Holidays to you.


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