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Friday Feature

December 3, 2009

It’s been a while… sorry. For our charity today, I want to talk about last December. Chief was home, we were gearing up for the upcoming deployment, but spent a Saturday morning at a place we both love – Arlington National Cemetery – attending the Wreaths Across America event. It was astounding, not just the incredibly cold morning, but the amount of people there! There were people there of every age, every military including Germans, Italians, the Brits were there, Canadians, US Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce, Veterans groups with every hat you ever saw and civilians of every colour, age and creed. The semi trailers full of wreaths were emptied as fast as they could hand them out, there were chains of people handing out the fragrant wreaths. Then we went out to find the stones we wanted to put them before. One Coast Guardsman, for my dad, and a Warrant officer for Chief. There are events all over the country, at military cemeteries of all sizes, follow this link to find one in your area. It’s a quiet way to show your respect for those who came before, to honour the past and those who lead the way. If you can’t go, you can sponsor a wreath, in the name of whomever you choose.

So on Saturday, December 12, at Noon, be there, dress warmly but not in your best fancy coat ( and wear gloves), those wreaths are fresh and sap may end up on your clothes! I’ll see you there!


Photograph: Chief’s

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