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Friday Feature

July 3, 2009

Sorry this is late. Long weekends throw me for a loop sometimes, and running to the commissary this morning because of the twofer – long holiday weekend and payday – just made me forget to post.

We were trying to highlight smaller groups, but today we are going to highlight one of the biggest and most respected groups helping our service members and military families. I have heard a great deal about them, and keep hearing only good things about them. Operation HomeFront

From their site:

Just over seven years ago, a small group of passionate and entrepreneurial military family members had an idea and a dream. The idea was to help our troops and the families they were leaving behind as they began deploying from ports and military installations to battlefields thousands of miles away. The dream was to create a sustainable organization that would provide critical services to meet the changed needs and requirements of the military communities they were serving.

Little did they realize that this small regional effort would grow to become one of the largest and most successful charities assisting all branches of the U.S. military community nationwide. Beginning with that initial effort in San Diego, Operation Homefront now operates nationwide with 30 chapters serving 37 states with over 33,000 volunteers and more than 38,000 families served thus far.

There are chapters across the country, and they have been awarded 4 stars as a charity -meaning most of their money goes to the programs, not administration! (that’s important to me, why have overpaid directors, and no services/money going to those who need it) Here’s their Wagon Wheel, which is a great way to show everything they do.


If you can help – contact them. If you need help – contact them.


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