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Navy Families Can PCS Again

June 30, 2009

Due to a shortfall in the budget, PCS moves  for Navy families had been suspended since April.  When my husband first told me about this I thought – how could that happen?  But it did.  According to an article on the Navy Personnel Command website over 14,000 families were supposed to PCS this summer, and they were delayed until fiscal year 2010 which starts in October.  But thankfully something was done about this.  The Navy received approximately $89 million in supplemental funding from Congress to cover the budget shortfall and get Sailors moving again.

Before you get too excited, the article also notes:

Sailors who previously negotiated orders, but then had their transfer date put on hold need to renegotiate orders via Career Management System Interactive Detailing (CMSID) or their detailer. Detailers recorded what Sailors had previously negotiated and will try to honor those commitments, to the maximum extent possible, but Sailors still need to reapply.

So while you have to go through the orders process again, I think that this is definitely a positive thing that the money is now there.  I cannot imagine thinking that we were set to PCS and then – oops, no money you have to wait.  That would be extrememly be nerve-wracking and frustrating.  Hopefully those 14,000 families affected can move on from this.  Literally.

So thank you Navy for getting this resolved, because I was about to write a big ol’ rant aboutthis over on my own blog.

To check out the full article Click Here.

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