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Friday Feature (ok – so it’s Saturday…..)

May 16, 2009

My apologies to Tammy and HASMO, this was set to be published yesterday – but my tech skills being so bad – it wasn’t.   Since today is Armed Forces Day – I’ll publish this great way to help those of our Armed Forces who need it.

This Friday – it’s HASMO’s turn. No, not HAZMAT… Help A Service Member Out – HASMO.    It started when Tammy,  a friend of mine who is the TechMama for ParentsZone, was asked to help out a wounded soldier.  The outpouring of “how can I help” almost brought PZ’s site to a grinding halt – it was overwhelming!  her own site buckled a little.  So being the new media guru she is – HASMO was born.  Those who want to help are given a place to contribute, those wounded or troubled service members who don’t get a big media splash to get their need shown to the rest of the world,  have a place to go too.

So are you ready to Help A Service Member Out – there’s the link – get to it!


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  1. May 17, 2009 12:30 am

    Thanks so much LAW and the rest of the bloggers at Left Face!! 🙂

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