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Military Updates

April 6, 2009

Here are your weekly updates!

Lower Rates for TRICAREReserve
Deal of the Week: Big Savings for Servicemembers
Civil Air Patrol Serves Local Community
Get the 2009 Military Benefit Guide
Your Education Benefits Explained
2009 Stimulus Package: What’s In It For You
Featured Job: Veteran Support Associate
Latest TSP Updates
Key Veteran Legislation Advances
Senator Comments on New GI Bill
Omnibus Veterans’ Benefits Bill
Military Get Head of Line at Queensryche
Student Vet Conference at CUNY
Exchanges Issue Outdoor Living Catalog
Take Transitioning Members Survey
FREE Mother’s Day Tributes
Special Hotel Rates for Military Servicemembers
New Withholding Rates Published
Free Anti-virus Software Available
Tillman Military Scholarships
AF Debuts NASCAR Campaign
Air Reserve Promotion Announcement
AF Retraining Deadlines Near
Career Enlisted Aviator Positions Open
AF Chaplaincy Scholarships
Navy Releases MCPON Podcast
Summer Hire Begins in Europe
Exchanges Offer Direct Gift Cards
MWR Wilderness Challenge
New AF Discrimination Hotline Number
Midwest Flooding Information Website
Free Test Preparation Software
Print and Post This Week’s Military Report
Headline Military News

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