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Spouse CAA Program EXPANSION

March 29, 2009

Bravo! One of the biggest obstacles milspouses face is continuity of career. Moving around frequently, often to places with limited opportunities, and juggling work with family while a loved one is deployed can play havoc on job skills. Check this out – the bold for emphasis and italics for clarity are mine:


  • Eligibility: Expanding to include all active duty, Active Guard/Reserve (AGR), Guard and Reserve spouses (who have a military member on orders for one year supporting Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom).
  • What: The spouse will be eligible to receive up to $6000 for certifications, licensures, GED, college courses
  • When: The projected launch is April 2009.
  • How will spouses find out? OSD will be sending postcards to each installation to distribute to spouses in early April. In the mean time please ask installation staff to let spouses know they can call Military OneSource to enroll in CAA, 1-800-342-9647.
  • What about the DoD/DoL program? It is still going and spouses at the 18 pilot installations can still participate in that program. This is just an expansion of CAA and a focus on employment as requested in the economic stimulus proposal from the President.
  • So far the expanded program has accepted 235 calls from spouses. The spouses are interested in health care, teaching, veterinarian technician, IT, billing, paralegal, to name a few.

Thanks to my husband for forwarding me that sweet little piece of news. Bottom line: If you are a spouse and your hubs was gone in support of OIF/OEF for more than a year, call Military One Source to start the process.

And thank you, Mr. President. Rock on with your bad self.

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  1. LAW permalink
    March 30, 2009 5:42 pm

    Now if we can just pair this with the MSRRA ( Military Spouse Residency Relief Act, for those who aren’t familiar with it) this could make life a little easier for those of us in the milspouse subgroup.

    HOWEVER (comma) there is one thing we will never ever be able to change – and that is the attitude of the employer. The employer who looks at your resume, see’s the addresses (Dothan, Fayetteville, Alexandria, San Diego, Hampton Roads, San Antonio) and the length of stay at each (2 years, 3 maybe, 4 if you got lucky) and without asking knows you are a milspouse and really doesn’t want to go through the hassle of hiring you, training you, to watch you have to leave in 2 years. YES, it’s not fair, but it’s reality!

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